The stars has it’s own way to say

by shining besides the moon in haze

“We are here. Come what may.”

Picking up my sweater

I left in the cold, later

Without biding a good bye

I went leaving the relation on stand-by.

Memories haunted me then

They were made to cherish, then.

Life changed its sail

What I lacked was just a brain!

Brain and heart had their own battles

Heart won that with all prattle.

Not love, hatred it was

pouring down my heart-vase

From love to unlove

I was dragged to ‘relove’?

Discarding thoughts from the self,

Rejuvenating myself

I ran away from the love filled Delph.

Then and now,

Happily bereft of love

People ask me “How?”

“That is what, all I owe.”

Stars made me feel love, lot later,

When all i got was an empty ‘platter’.

This phrase cracks me up every time! How many times has it happened to you that you say to someone close of yours, “I am so worried, I can’t even sleep at night.” and all they say is, “Don’t worry.” I experience so much betrayal at that point. The voice…

The culture states the word “learn” but why hasn’t it ever proposed the theory of “un-learn”? The primary learning structure suggests mankind’s neutral view in order to gain a point of view. Hence, in order to learn something one must first un-learn all the point of views that has been…

Everything happens for a reason, they say. As for me, I always aim for the best. Me being mistaken as a prodigy, everything I achieved wasn’t up to the mark. Be it international prizes in art or getting awarded by the Prime Minister of India (former Chief Minister of Gujarat).

Conventionally unconventional

Dear readers,

I always wanted a long lasting relationship and God knows what not have I done to make it sustainable.

Let me confess here that I wasn't desparate and I was a girl who wanted a perfect love story. Not that you imagine me with long hair…

How long? How much?

Ever had a dead-end in your life? For an instance, I tried writing my diary as I do that in routine and I just couldn't move my pen. I tried to jot down all the good as well as bad things which are needed to set…


A cynical being.

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