What else can it be?
Instagram - Get emotional Instantly.
YouTube - Become fast learner, You.
Facebook - Not a slam-book.
Twitter - Blue bird’s parody.
Snapchat - Snap. Chat. Don’t save.
Medium - Blogger’s new stop.
Axe deodorant - Sabotaging your ex.
Dairymilk - Savings for the break-up.
KitKat - Satisfying the OCD ever since.
Goodreads - A final stop to all biblios.
Linkedin - Linking genuine jobs with seekers.
Amul - Taking over ice-cream monopoly too.
Lays - Selling some Chips too
Samsung Refrigerator - Building a Smart World.
Daikin AC - Professional-ism at its best
LG washing machine - A faster Whirl Pool.
Tide - Full Moon effect everytime.
Khaitan Fans - Orient-ing in the right direction.
Apollo Pharmacy - First Mission to Saving lives.
Zomato - Increased cravings and forced Gold.
Flipkart - All items in one cart.
Oyo - Experience the best first.
Ola - Hola to a place? Voilà!
Airbnb - Not a Cockpit.
Makemytrip - Serving Lazy Rich Indians.
Go air plane - Let Go off yourself.
Bajaj Pulsar - For dreamers - rich and poor alike.
Oppo - Photography skills' enhancement trial device.
One plus - Multitasking as a bomb too.
Hp laptop - Put it on the top of your lap without regretting.
Dove - Sticky is better than itchy.
Nike shoes - Next time, choose right.
Victoria’s secret - The same secret for everyone.
Moods condom - Ross and Rachel wouldn’t have regretted this.
Lyra - Multiple colours shading away.
Shutterstock - Giving credentials to the designer.
Upwork - Don’t let the work suffer.
Quora - Ask anything and get answer to everything.
Reddit - Before going for Black, try Reddit.

A cynical being.